Welcome to the Academia Page

My academic path originated in 2006, when I taught various topics of film and music production at the Middlesex University in Dubai. My role as a senior consultant, whether in conjunction with the BBC Academy in the Middle East or my instructional training to the U.A.E. government, aligns with my ambition to create communicational bridges across borders. These two projects forefront my consultancy skills and language fluency, which have led me to the multi-cultural community at New York University in Abu Dhabi, where I currently teach. My teaching portfolio can be seen here.

My students and colleagues, in the countries where I’ve worked as a media specialist and lecturer, say that I’m a compelling teacher. If I am, it’s because I love what I do. I rely on spontaneity, humor, and anecdote to draw an emotional line between my students and whatever subject matter I’m trying to explain.

Teaching and learning are the same journey - a path that teacher and student travel together, and often our roles are reversed.

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A brief look into a one day workshop for agile managers in creative problem solving methods through expressive arts therapy.