Who Am I

My origins are Egyptian and I was born and raised in Germany. Chaos and Order. This was the first of many contradictions that shaped the direction of my artwork. I often traveled back to Egypt as a child, and noticed how strikingly different it was, compared to the clean and ordered European culture I was growing up in. Oppositions became the matrix of my art. What inspires me are the things that appear to be at odds with each other. Impossible unions. Unlikely composites.

My projects seek to create an aesthetic experience, where you would never expect to find one.

My CV of professional experience at the companies and institutions I’ve worked for, including specific media projects, curriculum design and academic teaching, can be found here.


Omar Shoukri

Omar Shoukri is active as a film director, music producer and educator. His upbringing and cultural background influenced his studies in the creative field of Music Composition / Sound Design and Film production.